Hair Relaxation & Smoothing

  • Hair Relaxation$85 to $105

    This service will soften or completely smooth your hair depending on your natural curl pattern.

  • Thermal Reconditioning (First Hour) $150 | Each Additional Hour $100

    This service is commonly known as a Japanese Straightening. Your natural curl pattern will become permanently straightened leaving your hair silky smooth without the need for blow drying tension to create a straight style.

  • Keratin Treatment$275

    This service is perfect for those that want to reduce the frizz & curl in the hair without a permanent structural change (although results vary based on natural curl pattern and natural texture).

  • Spot Relaxation/Smoothing/Permanent WavePrice Upon Consultation

    This service is the perfect solution to severely uneven curl pattern and natural texture. Hair doesn't always have a uniform curl or lack thereof. Sometimes the hair has areas of unruly curl or areas of lack of curl. This service can help even out your hair curl pattern to have a more uniform look.



  • Standard Wrap Perm $85

    This service is ideal for neck-length hair that will be blown dry for volume.

  • Beach Wave Perm$85 to $125

    This service will achieve a tossed beachy wave and is best left to style by air-dry. This is a wash and wear style.

  • Spiral Perm$125 to $185

    This service is for the curl lover and best to style by air-dry or low heat and diffuser. This is a wash and wear style.

  • Piggy Back Perm$185 to $350

    This is suitable for all types of wrap designs, when hair is past the shoulders and beyond.

***We Offer a variety of wrap methods based on desired look and consultation*** Pricing from $85.00-$350.00